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7 October 1971
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This is lucybond's separate LJ for her first pregnancy, & baby-related stuff.

If you want to read about a first pregnancy & being a mum at 36, this is the place!

I was pregnancy-phobic. So much so that I didn't think I'd ever have a child, despite wanting one, & having a great partner. Then I had a breast-lump & a hellish summer of screening for cancer, until I got the all-clear, & it changed my perspective on life.

I decided that I couldn't live in fear any more, & miss out on something so big.

Here's how I coped.

The 'pregnancy' part of this LJ ended on January 31st, 2007, when I had little Sabrina Rose (6lb 5oz) by caesarian section.

I'm keeping on with this journal to talk about breastfeeding, trying to be eco-friendly, & baby-raising by a clueless newb, so hopefully it'll be of some use!

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